Salad «Empress» with apple and celery



Celery petiole — 150 g

Green apple — 0.5 pcs.

Boiled chicken meat — 100 g

Walnuts — 7-8 pcs.

Natural Greek yogurt — 3-4 tbsp.

Salt — to taste

Products for the salad «Empress» with apple and celery — in front of you.

Boil chicken meat in salted water for 25-35 minutes. Remove meat from broth and cool completely. Take green, hard, sweet and sour apples for salad.

Lightly dry the walnuts in a frying pan.

Cut the chicken meat into small cubes across the grain.

Rinse the celery stalks thoroughly and cut into thin pieces.

Peel the green apple, remove the seed chamber and cut into small cubes.

Chop the dried walnuts with a knife, add to the rest of the products.

Add Greek yogurt to salad and season with salt.

Stir the ingredients gently. Salad «Empress» with apple and celery is ready.

Serve salad immediately after preparation.

If desired, the salad can be sprinkled with a little black pepper. Enjoy your meal!



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